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We are a Licensed General Contractor specializing in Commercial & Residential Concrete & Masonry.

Some of the Organizations we have worked with: Artistic builders, Abshure construction,Cherokee construction, Goodfellow brothers, Hawaiian Dredging, Inter Island Home Builders, JC Builders, Signature Home Builders, Stanford Carr Development, HFDC State of Hawaii,
Sterling Kim development company

Licenses / Credentials:

• B-C 8468 General Building.
• C31 Specialty in concrete and masonry.
Services Offered
Commercial & Residential Building
Remedial Site Grading
Back fill
Final Grading
Cement and Concrete (Walls, Floors, Driveways, Lanais, Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutters, Rock Walls, Keystone Walls, And More...)

How to Shop for the Best Maui General Contractor

If you’re planning a new Maui home construction or major remodeling project, you’re going to need a general contractor to help you get the job done. Hiring a Maui general contractor is the first step in the physical building process once the plans and financing are in place. A general contractor is a specialized project manager who can take your plans and oversee all aspects of the project from preparation of a building site to the finishing touches on exterior landscaping. His responsibilities can include getting the necessary permits, lining up subcontractors, maintaining all the financial records and making sure materials are delivered on time.

Many people don’t have a clue where to start when it comes time to find a qualified Maui general contractor that they feel they can trust with their project. If they end up with a contractor they are unsure of, the entire project can make for a very stressful time and the homeowner worries constantly about the outcome. So whether you are building a new house or simply undertaking a kitchen or bath remodel you need to find a Maui general contractor you feel you can trust to provide quality workmanship and dependable service.

A Maui General Contractor: Putting Together Your List

You can look for a Maui general contractor just as you would any other contractor. Start by asking friends and neighbors if they can recommend a good contractor. Talk with your local building supply dealer or check online for listings of general contractors in your area. Look in the phone directory but don’t focus on the largest, flashiest listing you see. While it’s true that such listings may represent a large established business, you may find that you’ll get more preferential treatment by working with someone with fewer clients.

Before you decide on any Maui general contractor, make a call to your local Better Business Bureau to see if he or the company he represents has had any complaints filed against them. If there are any, ask for specifics and find out if the contractor resolved these problems. Often complaints are caused by a lack of communication or small problem that was corrected by the contractor once he knew it existed. It’s important to remember that even a reputable Maui general contractor can get an occasional complaint but what’s important is how they handle them. On the other hand, a continuing list of complaints against a general contractor can mean there’s a serious problem with the contractor or his company.

Make certain that any Maui general contractor you plan to hire carries the appropriate licensing and insurance. You can call or go online to check with the state licensing board to find out if a specific general contractor is listed. It’s also important that that they carry liability insurance and workers compensation to cover their employees.

Getting a Bid from the Maui General Contractor

Once you have a list of contractors in mind, it’s time to collect bids for your project. Keep your selection to just a few. It can be costly for a Maui general contractor to prepare a well thought-out bid. He has to take time from current projects or work extra hours putting together a quote. When you request bids from just a few, a general contractor at least knows that he has a reasonable chance of securing the contract. Too much competition and the best contractors may simply walk away because they have better things to do than spend time on a job they have a slim chance of getting.

Before a Maui general contractor can bid on your project, they’ll need some information to work with, such as the size and scope of the entire project and an estimated time for completion. You should also provide each general contractor with an itemized list of what you want included in each bid. You don’t want just a total figure. You want to see a breakdown of what each component of the project will cost such as plumbing installation electrical wiring and wall finishing and you want a schedule of dates that will bring the entire project in under your planned date for completion. You can also ask for a list of potential subcontractors so you’ll know ahead of time who will be working on your project.

Choosing the Best Maui General Contractor for the Job

Once you have your bids in hand you can begin making comparisons. When deciding on a Maui general contractor you’ll not only have to determine which bid is to your advantage financially but also which one is the best suited for your particular project. It’s possible that the general contractor with the most experience is your best choice, but it may be better to go with a contractor that’s newer to the business. They often want to establish a trustworthy reputation and work with people that will later recommend them. A newer Maui general contractor may be more conscientious and work harder because he wants to establish his reputation and develop a good client base. But you need to be certain that he has been in the business long enough to properly take on your project.

The bottom line is that you want a Maui general contractor that provides the best quality for your budget as well as one you feel you can trust with your project. Don’t feel you have to choose the first general contractor you talk with or accept the lowest bid. While money is certainly a determining factor, it’s also important to realize that a Maui general contractor is someone you will need to establish a good relationship with, so there is a degree of chemistry involved. Remember that the Maui general contractor you choose holds the future of your home in his hands.
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